Wedding Hair Flowers Guide: Where to Begin?

Figuring out what you would like to do with your hair for your wedding day can be a tricky thing. So many components go into your decision, like your dress, length and thickness of your hair, the list goes on. 

Today, we're going through different styles of hair flowers, not only to help you, but also to give you some inspiration for your flowers girls and bridesmaids.


1.) Flower Crown

Flower crowns are a classic way to add in some hair flowers. They are always beautiful and you can make them minimal or go a little crazy. 

The great thing about them is once you don't feel like wearing it anymore, just take it off your head. It is the easiest piece of hair décor you can take on and off as you please.

*A little tip for flowers girls: if they get a little fussy and don't want to wear it on their head anymore, you can take it off and tie it up around their waist instead to wear as a belt. Just ensure you ask for ribbons on both ends of the flower crown.

2.) Hair Comb

Hair combs are an easy thing to add into an updo. Instead of an all around item on your head, it's a smaller, daintier looking piece. They're great for an accent piece, and a nice way to add in some of your flower colours!

3.) Loose stems

A sweet little addition to your hair would be little loose stems of your favourite blooms. Little secrets tucked into your hair, they can be perfectly blended in or they can make a statement. 

Your hairstylist would be adding in these small additions as they style your hair and honestly, it is magical. The way they can immerse these small floral touches is a work of art, one that does not go unnoticed!


Written by Anna M.