A Guide to Flowers & Greenery: Economical vs. Premium

Flower pricing is a very unknow subject to the world. There are many different attributes to the cost and pricing of them, but unless you work in this realm, you really don't know much. Which is why this guide will hopefully help many of you budget for your wedding florals!


Economical and premium blooms have a huge impact on budget. When you look at your inspiration photos, all you see is a beautiful bouquet, but not the price tag behind the flowers. 

This guide will help you gain knowledge on what you need to know about each of them, and photos to help you further navigate these flowers!


First up, economical blooms and greens!

Many people think that just because a flower is 'cheap' (I hate this word), that they are not as pretty. The truth of the matter is, all flowers are beautiful! We all have our own preferences, flowers all have such vastly different appearances, sizes and textures, you can't judge a flower be merely the price.

Where you live also plays a huge role on prices and availability, not just because of season, but also depending on how much travel time flowers have to go through to reach you.

A list of economical blooms: Daisies, Carnations, Statice, Mums(Cushion, Football, Button, Cremon, etc.), Babies Breath, Hypericum, Alstromeria, Eryngium, Roses, Spray Roses, Freesia, Stock, Hydrangeas

Greenery: Leatherleaf, Salal, Plumosa, Cocculus, Agonis


Premium Blooms and Greens

Premium blooms are sometimes very misunderstood. Many varieties are smaller and daintier than economical ones, which people instantly associate with being less expensive. For example, Astrantia, Nigella and Scabiosa are small blooms with stems that aren't necessarily the strongest, but they have a very unique look to them. You wouldn't think of them costing too much because of this, but it is the opposite effect. 

These blooms are stunning, delicate and wispy, which is why they are considered a premium bloom. Longer lasting blooms are more of an economical quality, intricate shapes and wispy blooms are a premium quality.

A list of premium blooms: Poppy, Nigella, Astrantia, Dahlia, Peony, Garden Rose, Scabiosa, Cosmo, Ranunculus, Butterfly Ranunculus, Amaranthus, Anemone, Lisianthus, Waxflower, Cymbidium Orchid

Greenery: Italian Ruscus, Eucalyptus(Silver Dollar, Gunnii, Baby, etc.), Myrtle, Grevilia, Bupleurum, Smokebush, Olive


Examples of blooms:


Where do drieds & silks fit into this?

Drieds are typically more of a premium material to use. They are beautiful, but can also come with a hefty price tag. To stay on the lower end of budgets, we would recommend doing a nice mixture of drieds and fresh. There are lot's of fresh flowers to choose from to fit your theme/palette, all it takes to learn more about this is to ask questions and research!

Silks are something that used to be a lot more cost effective than fresh. In recent years though, they are price wise the same, if not more than fresh.

Demand has never slowed on them, yet availability has. With a demand unchanged and fewer products available, prices can vary quite a bit. This will hopefully even out in the near future!



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Written by Anna M.