Bouquet Shapes: An Easy & Simplified Guide

If you were asked to describe your dream bouquet shape, would you have an answer to that question? 

For a lot of bride's, this question is one of the hardest to answer. Bride's show us their inspiration photos and it's all about colours for them, no one thinks about shape until the question is asked. Below, you will find a full guide of bouquet shapes and how to choose the exact style you are wanting!


1.) Rounded Style

A traditional favourite is the rounded bouquet. It is elegant and timeless and can be either one flower throughout, or a few different varieties mixed in. Below are photos of different styles of rounded bouquet, you'll see some have more greenery throughout and some are very simple.

Overall, the shape of this bouquet is perfect for bride's that aren't sure on what they want, or the traditional bride that wants that timeless look.


2.) Oblong Style

An oblong bouquet is a great choice for bride's that don't want to be too traditional, but still want a similar look. Oblong is defined as being more elongated or rectangle in shape. So instead of the 'perfect' circle, this bouquet would be more of an oval shape.

Certain flowers are better incorporated with this shape, like a Cymbidium Orchid for example. Pictured below on the right side of the bouquet, this beautiful pink Cymbidium Orchid is trailing of to the side, which elongates the whole bouquet. 

4.) Cascade: Teardrop vs. Oblong

A cascading bouquet is always described, quite simply, as a beautiful waterfall of blooms. Flowers are able to not just point upwards like the other examples we've gone through, they can cascade downwards as well. Every example below has this effect, the flowers towards the bottom of the bouquets are pointing down towards the ground.

There is your basic teardrop shape(marked below), and your more whimsical, gardeney/oblong shapes as well. Typically, they look bigger than hand tied bouquets because of the waterfall effect. Bride's who's dresses are more simple would love this bouquet, as it gives you that dramatic show stopper effect.

(Teardrop shape below)

This bouquet below is not a cascading bouquet, it is an upright, hand tied bouquet, yet it gives the illusion of a cascade. This is because Orchids(otherwise known as Phalaenopsis) are a perfect bloom for cascades. Whether you want a real cascading bouquet, or just an illusion, it looks stunning in any capacity!


4.) Long Stemmed Bouquet

This upright style is a beautiful and modern bouquet that has some similarities to the rounded bouquet. Instead of being more of a rounded shape and having a larger circumference, this style is very tight and clustered with long stems.



A few more questions to ask yourself as you explore the world of bouquets:

- Do you want your bouquet to have trailing greenery? 

- Are you looking for all fresh, or a mix of drieds/silks as well?

- How big do you want your bouquet to be? Would you like it to be small enough to see your dress, or would you like it to be large and in charge?



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Written by Anna M.